Welcome to the Song Dive Blog

Hi, my name is Stan Simpson and this is my first attempt at creating and maintaining a Blog. Hopefully I will become a good blogger over time, but in the interim; I hope you read and enjoy my dive into the meanings of songs.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just fall in love with the lyrics of a song. When I hear those special songs, I stop what I am doing just to listen to the lyrics and the possible meaning behind them. Sometimes the emotions start to flow as the words reach my soul. There are so many songs of faith that can have such a deep meaning when you listen closely. I decided I wanted to take the time to explore some of these songs and apply my interpretation and meaning. My meaning and interpretation may not be the same as the original writer, but that is ok since my objective is to capture what the song means to me. I am not a pastor or a theologian and do not pretend to be, I only want to share what certain songs mean to me. I do not expect everyone to agree with my interpretation, but that is ok since my interpretation is mine and represents my opinion and feelings. I will try a few songs and see how it goes and see if there is any interest in my Blog and my interpretations.

A little background on me. I grew up around gospel music. My father sang bass in a gospel quartet called the Starlighters. They were a local quartet based in Alabama/Georgia and sang at different churches and gospel conventions. One of the gospel quartets that was at some of the same events was Bill Gaither, back in his early days. I was later a part of a gospel group in North Carolina that sang at small local churches and so many of the songs we sang touched my heart as well as the hearts of the audience. I have had the opportunity to sing in Spanish in El Salvador while on mission trips and once went on a choir trip to Israel. As part of the trip to Israel, we were able to sing in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve, the Upper Room, and the Garden Tomb. It is because of this background and the impact of the music on my heart that I wanted to attempt this Blog.

In my Blog, I may take several entries to capture my feelings and interpretations of a single song. I think it more important to try to capture my thoughts and interpretations than it is to march toward a deadline or make entries that are too long. Many of my thoughts may be just common sense to some, but perhaps food for thought to others.

I hope you glean some valuable insight into some of the interpretations I put forth. Remember the focus is not on the music, the tempo, the instrumentation, or the vocals; the focus is on the lyrics.

New Blog entries should be posted weekly.